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As per Art.13 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196 dated 30 June 2003
Personal Data Protection Act.

PARESA SpA, as Controller of data processing, shall carry out the processing of your personal data in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 (Personal Data Protection Act, known as “Privacy Act”) entered into force on 1 January 2004.

We inform you that by the establishment and/or the carrying out of the existing contractual relations with you, our Company has acquired your data, even verbally, either directly or from a third party, qualified as “personal data” in compliance with Legislative Decree no. 196/03.

The aforesaid law provides for the obligation of the Controller of data processing to inform data subjects about which data are being handled and the type of processing, which shall in any case be carried out in an honest, lawful and transparent way, by protecting the confidentiality and rights of data subjects.

As to types of data processing which are not envisaged by this Data Processing Statement, it shall be the Controller’s responsibility to provide data subjects with an appropriate and complete statement regarding such processing.

Pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03, please find below the information regarding the processing of your personal data:

Type of processed data

We process your personal information and fiscal data, as well as the economic data needed in the carrying out of the existing contractual relations with your Organization or for the entering into of the agreement. We do not possess any of your data qualified as sensitive or judicial in compliance with paragraph 1, article 4 of Legislative Decree no.196/03.

Purposes of data processing

The personal data you have provided shall be processed for the purpose of meeting contractual requirements and the consequent legal and fiscal accomplishments, as well as to allow for an effective management of financial and commercial relations and/or to fulfil any of your specific requests during the pre-contractual stage.

Your data shall be processed for the entire contract term and even after it to fulfil legal obligations and for administrative and commercial purposes.

If, after the pre-contractual negotiations, no agreement is entered into between our Company and you, your data shall be kept and stored for any future communications and/or offers.

Processing methods

Data processing is carried out by the use of instruments and procedures fit to guarantee their security and confidentiality and may be executed both by paper and electronic means.

Personal data shall be processed by paper, computerized and ICT means and stored in the appropriate data banks in our server (customers, uppliers, administration, management). Data shall be made accessible and hence disclosed to the personnel of the commercial, technical, production and administration departments appointed by us to be in charge of data processing; duly authorised personnel may therefore consult, use, handle and compare data and carry out any other operation, even automated ones, in compliance with the law which guarantees the protection of the confidentiality and security of the data as well as their correctness, updating and suitability to the stated purposes.

Compulsory or optional supply of data and consequences of the refusal to supply them.

As regards the data we are obliged to know to fulfil the obligations required by law, regulations and Community legislation bodies, as well as arrangements given by authorities legitimated by law and supervisory and inspection bodies, the refusal to provide them will cause the impossibility to establish or carry on our relations, as far as these data are necessary to perform them.

As to data that we are not obliged to know, the refusal to supply them will be evaluated by us from time to time and the consequences of the refusal will depend on the importance for us of the data requested and not supplied.

Communication and disclosure

Your data shall not be “disclosed” by us, in the meaning that we shall not reveal them to any undefined person whatsoever even by making the data available for consultation.

On the contrary, your data may be “communicated” by us, in the meaning that we may reveal them to one or more defined subjects under the following terms:

  • to persons duly appointed to carry out data processing within our organization in compliance with the law;
  • to subjects authorized by the law, regulations and Community legislations to gain access to such data, up to the extent allowed by such legislation;
  • to subjects that have the need to gain access to your data for purposes connected to the existing relations between us and you, and only to the extent to which such data are necessary to carry out their tasks (for instance “Credit Institutions”);
  • to our consultants to the extent needed by them to perform their tasks within our organization.

Your rights

Data subjects have the right to receive, at any time, confirmation as to whether or not the data exist, request information on the contents and origin of such data, and verify whether they are accurate or request that it be supplemented, updated, or rectified (pursuant to art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03). Pursuant to the same article, data subjects have the right to request the Controller to erase, transform in anonymous form or block personal data unlawfully processed and in any case object to the processing of said personal data on justified grounds.

To exercise your rights, contact the Controller of data processing.

Controller of data processing

The Controller is PARESA SpA, with headquarters in Via Romea, 655 – 47522 Cesena (FC), Italy.

Updated on January 2010 Personal data processing statement.


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