Quality Policy

PARESA, aware of the need to guarantee, in a systematic and documented manner, a level of quality to continually satisfy the requirements of its Clients, in an increasingly demanding market and with more restrictive regulations, has adopted a Quality Management System applicable to all its activities.

The Quality System is planned to ensure:

  • Full Client satisfaction, providing products and services in compliance with the required standards, meeting or even exceeding its expectations
  • Conformity to applicable laws and regulations
  • Risks and opportunities evaluation, through the analysis of the context and the expectations of the interested parties, for the purpose of planning the actions to enhance the expected effects and prevent or reduce the undesired ones
  • Optimisation of the company resources (human, economical, material, … ) even through the development of the necessary competences to ensure the efficiency of the system
  • Reliability, development and the continuous improvement of the business processes
  • Identification and use of the best available and economically sustainable technologies (B.A.T.N.E.E.C.)
  • Definition of Quality objectives in compliance with this Policy and supporting the achievement of strategic business targets
  • Monitoring and periodic verification of the business performances through the systematic use of internal audits
  • Early identification and proper management of non-conformities

The implemented System:

  • Is supported by the Top Management, responsible for promoting a leadership, commitment and responsibility environment
  • Is scheduled and implemented according to the process approach and the “Risk-based Thinking” principles
  • Clearly defines roles and responsibilities and involves everyone, within the area of his own tasks, in the achievement of the Quality objectives
  • Involves the Suppliers of products and services, within the limits of influence and control exercisable by the organisation, to assure the compliance with the established requirements
  • Is subject to periodic Review by Top Management